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Dharmasthala Car Hire

About Dharmasthala

Dharmasthala is a Indian temple village on the banks of the Nethravathi River in the Belthangadi taluk of the Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka.Dharmasthala is the perfect embodiment of the word "Dharma" for it displays every shade of meaning with which the word is imbued. The greatness of Dharmasthala, however is the fact that it has added an active element to "Dharma", such that it touches the lives of people with a transformational directness that is unique. And to those that come in curiosity, Dharmasthala is a miracle of paradoxes. Here different faiths co-exist in harmony just as traditions make room for experimental services, High or low, rich or poor, devout or atheist, at Dharmasthala all are equal.

Places to visit

Manjunatha Temple: Manjunath Temple, known famously as Kadri Manjunatha temple, is situated on the foot of the picturesque Kadri Hills in the proximity of Dharamasthala. The temple is the living specimen of the Vijayanagara style of architecture and the temple dates back to 1068 AD. The Manjunath temple enshrines Shree Manjunath a distinct form of Lord Shiva. It is in the style of Udbhava Linga. It is seen as a natural stone slab placed in a parallel level to the floor of 'the garbha griha'. A distinct feature of the linga is that it absorbs all the amount of the water poured on it. There is a tall Deepa Sthamba, carved out of wood covered with bronze. Many other deities are also placed around the temple. These include Vyasa Muni, Gomukha Ganpathi, Durgaparmeshwari, Shastav, Ganapathi, Vishnu and Trilokeshwara. The temple encloses many figures like Matsyendranatha, Sringinathahas and 6 ft high Gorakhanath. Pattanaje and Lakshadeepotsava are important festivals of this temple.

Bahubali statue: The Bahubali statue is marvelously situated in near to the renowned Manjunath Temple of Dharamasthala. Bahubali Temple encloses the 39 ft monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali, which is carved out of single stone and placed on a platform of 13 ft height. The works on statue started on 1967 and the installation was complete in 1975. It is placed on a hillock known as Rathnagiri Betta. The amazing Bahubali statue attracts thousands of people to Dharamsthala. It is believed that the statue symbolizes self control of ego, subjugation of ego and renunciation. He temple premises offer a calm location for meditation. One can rejuvenate the mind with purity in thoughts and sacrifices in life by offering prayers at this location.

Neliyadi Beedu: Neliyadi Beedu was considered as the residence of a Jain Chieftain lived in Kuduma, present Dharamasthala, about 800 years ago. The Jain priest Birmanna Peg¬gade along with his wife Ammu Ballathi lived a pious, simple and God fearing life in this Beedu. It is located adjacent to Chandraswamy temple. Legendary stories point to the visit of four guardians (Devathas) of Dharma visited this home after finding out that the Neliyadi Beedu is a place where Dharma flourished. The Devatas instructed the couple to devote their life for propagating the Dharma and asked them to provide freely food, education, and shelter to the needy people visiting the abode of Neliyadi Beedu.

Netravati River barrage : Netravati River barrage is a cozy tourist spot which is very close to the city of Dharamasthala. This place is fascinating with all facilities for natural bath in the River. The location is scenic and is in the backdrop of lush #ff0000 surroundings. The unpolluted environment add the beauty of the place. A nature cure hospital is located at the banks of the Netravati River. Here the aesthetic and nature friendly treatment is offered through the system of Panch bhoothas (five elements) namely Air, Earth, Ether, Water and Light. Many tourists visit Netravati river banks to enjoy the natural splendor and beauty.

Chandranath Swamy Temple: Chandranath Swamy Basadi or temple is a renovated Jain temple. The olden medieval temple was renovated in the recent past. The temple enshrines the image of Chandranath Swamy and has a golden halo. The temple is located at a scenic picturesque surrounding. The calm ambiance of the temple surroundings is worth mentioning. This temple is considered as a great place for meditation. Many thousands of pilgrims visit this temple yearly to offer worship to Chandranath Swamy. The temple is adorned with many beautiful carvings and stone sculptures. The temple traces Jain culture and modern architectural excellence. Daily pujas are offered in this temple.

Manjusha Museum : Manjusha Museum is a well organized museum with amazing collections of ancient scripts written on palm leaves, religious instruments and objects such as bells, silver jewelry, house hold items and olden style type writers and cameras. The Museum is nicely arranged and well maintained. It also displays Terracotta coins dating back to the 1st century BC Mauryan period and an ancient book containing the accounts of the Manjunatha Swamy temple. A remarkable display in this museum is the 300 year old Instrument Veena of the late Vidwan Veena Sheshanna. The museum encloses many Dharmasthala style paintings as well. It is worthy place to visit to get valuable knowledge of ancient culture of Dharamasthala.

Annappa Betta: Annappa Betta, also known as Badinede Betta, is a picturesque hill in Dharamsthala. The hill encloses the dwelling region and the shrines of four Dharam Gods. Annappa Betta is regularly visited by the travelers reaching Dharamsthala. It is believed that in this hill, the four Dharma Daivas visited a Jain family known for their charity activities. The Jain family of Ammudevi Ballalthi and Birmanna Pergade lived in a home called Nelyadi Beedu in this hill about five centuries ago. This family established Shri Chandranatha Swamy Basadi in which the family offered their prayers regularly.

Places near by Dharmasthala :

Kukke Subrahmanya: Welcome to official Website of Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple Kukke Subrahmanya, dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya, is a Hindu temple situated in Subrahmanya, in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. The God Subrahmanya is worshipped for his divine power as a snake as the epics relate that the divine serpent Vasuki and other snakes found safety under God Subrahmanya. It is famous for Sarpa Samsakara or Sarpa Dosha. The temple is about 105 km from Mangalore. The temple lies on the banks of the river Kumaradhara. One has to take a holy dip in the waters of Kumaradhara and enter the courtyard of the temple from behind to view the idol. There is silver covered Garuda pillar positioned to shield the devotees from the poisonous flames from the breath of the snake God Vasuki.

Travel tips
Best season to visit Dharmasthala is between October and March to enjoy the cooler weather. The average temperatures are 26 deg Centigrade during the day and comes down to around 10 during the nights. The best time to be in the city is during the festival of Dussehra, which comes around late September or early October. Many people hire cars from Bangalore to Dharmasthala to be a part of the 10-day celebrations. Here are some handy tips for your Dharmasthala trip.Dharmasthala has relatively pleasant weather throughout the year, the temperatures in summer can go as high as 35 degrees or above. Make sure to carry enough water with you while sightseeing in and around Dharmasthala. If you are travelling to Dharmasthala during the festive season of Dussehra, make sure to book your cab well in advance because of the high demand in car rentals from Bangalore to Dharmasthala.Getting a car hire from Bangalore to Dharmasthala can get very tedious, if not scheduled properly. Bookcab offers special packages from Bangalore to Dharmasthala and back. It offers interesting discounts on every trip to this historical city.During Dussehra, the whole city will be under the festive mood. You can see the Dharmasthala palace being lit up, a breathtaking sight. You can visit temples during this festival for special pujas and darshans. There is a magnificent procession of the Chamundeshwari idol, which takes place with full pomp and glory.
  • Take extra care of your belongings
  • Remember to dress appropriately
  • No hard drinks
  • No Non-vegetarian food
  • Carrying mobile phones and cameras is not allowed inside the temple
  • Wearing flowers is not allowed as it is only for the Lord

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The estimated distance from Dharmasthala to Dharmasthala is -- kms. The approximate travel time between Bangalore and Dharmasthala by road is 5.0 hours. To get more information regarding BookCab services from Bangalore to Dharmasthala you can reach us at (+91) 9341 01 9341

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