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Kodaikanal Car Hire

About Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu,the city in the hills of the taluk division and also in the name of"The Gift of the Forest".Kodaikanal is referred to as the "Princess of Hill stations" and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination. It has an irregular basin as its heartland, the centre of which is now Kodaikanal Lake a 5 kilometres circumference manmade lake.
Places to visit

The Lake: The 24-hectare lake skirted by a 5 km long black tar road, is the focal point in Kodai. This lake was created in 1863 by Sir vere Hendry Levinge (1819-1885).
Bryant's park : This park is situated on the eastern side of the lake. It is noted for its flowers, both hybrids and grafts. Cut flowers are exported from here.
Solar Physical Observatory : It is situated 3.2 kms. from the lake. This observatory was founded in 1989, and it is located at an elevation of 2343 mtrs. This observatory is the highest point in Kodai. Visitors can observe the stars and the planets.

Coakers Walk : Er.Coaker identified this hill-edged pathway in 1872. About a kilometre from the lake, Coaker's Walk runs along a steep slope on the southern side of Kodai. It offers some of the best views of the plains Entry fee is collected here.

Kurinji Andavar Temple: Temple situated 3 kms from the lake is a famous shrine dedicated to lord Muruga. This temple is associated with the kurinji flowers that bloom once in 12 years. From this temple one can have a view of Palani and Vaigai Dam.

Green valley View : It is located a little over 5 kms from kodaikanal lake and close to the golf club from here,you can get a magnificent view of the vaigai dam below.

The Pillar Rocks : There are a set of 3 rocks which stand 122 metres high.It is located 7 kms from Kodai lake.

Moier Point : Moier Point provides a lovely view of the valley. It is just 3 kms from the Pillar rocks Berijam Lake road.

Silent Valley View : Just a little away from the Pillar Rocks and the Berijam Lake Road, is Silent Valley View, which provides a breathtaking view of Silent Valley. Children are advised to walk carefully.

Berijam Lake View : This place provides a panoramic landscape view of Berijam Lake. This viewpoint is 19 kms from Kodaikanal Lake

Chettiar Park : Tucked away in the northeastern corner of the town on the way to Kurinji Andavar temple, the Chettiar park is a charming place

Shenbaganur Museum : The Sacred Heart College maintains this museum. It is a Theological Seminary founded in 1895 and devoted to preserving certain archaeological remains and the flora and fauna of the hills. It houses one of the best Orchidariams in the country.

Places near by Kodaikanal:

Thalaiyar Falls : Also known as the Rat-Tail Falls, this is one of the highest waterfalls in the world. It is 975 foot high. It can be seen while climbing the Ghat Road to Kodaikkanal from Kodai road. It is not possible to visit this spectacular waterfall, as there is no approach route to this site.

Kukkal Caves : For those looking for an adventurous holiday, this is an excellent campsite. It is 40 kms from Kodaikanal. The caves here show traces of the earliest known inhabitants of the region - the leaf-clothed 'paliyans.

Palani : This is one of the six abodes of lord Subramanya and this is a famous pilgrim centre of the south. It is just 64 kms from Kodaikanal. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Dhandayuthapani.

Travel tips
Best season to visit Kodaikanal is between October and March to enjoy the cooler weather. The average temperatures are 26 deg Centigrade during the day and comes down to around 10 during the nights. The best time to be in the city is during the festival of Dussehra, which comes around late September or early October.

Many people hire cars from Bangalore to Kodaikanal to be a part of the 10-day celebrations.Here are some handy tips for your Kodaikanal trip.Kodaikanal has relatively pleasant weather throughout the year, the temperatures in summer can go as high as 35 degrees or above. Make sure to carry enough water with you while sightseeing in and around Kodaikanal.

If you are travelling to Kodaikanal during the festive season of Dussehra, make sure to book your cab well in advance because of the high demand in car rentals from Bangalore to Kodaikanal.Getting a car hire from Bangalore to Kodaikanal can get very tedious, if not scheduled properly.
Neel Travel Sol offers special packages from Bangalore to Kodaikanal and back. It offers interesting discounts on every trip to this historical city.During Dussehra, the whole city will be under the festive mood. You can see the Kodaikanal palace being lit up, a breathtaking sight. You can visit temples during this festival for special pujas and darshans. There is a magnificent procession of the Chamundeshwari idol, which takes place with full pomp and glory.

About Kodaikanal Car Hire

The estimated distance from Kodaikanal to Kodaikanal is -- kms. The approximate travel time between Bangalore and Kodaikanal by road is 5.0 hours. To get more information regarding Neel Travel Sol services from Bangalore to Kodaikanal you can reach us at (+91) 9341 01 9341
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