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Pondicherry Car Hire

About Pondicherry (Puducherry)

Away from the hustle and bustle of big city, puducherry is a quiet little town on the southern coast. The unmistakable French connection,the tree lined boulevards,the quaint colonial heritage buildings, the spiritual scene, the endless stretches of unspoilt virgin beaches, backwater, a surprising choice of restaurants serving a melange of cuisines, provide a heady mix that draw travellers from near and far. It is the perfect place to come to if you wants to take the pace of life down a few notches.

Puducherry has a special ambience, not felt anywhere else in India. It is a blend of spiritual aura, French colonial heritage, Tamil culture and the cosmopolitan flair of many nationalities in a small but varied town. The inherent ambience of Pondy, as it is fondly called, becomes most evident in the oldest part of the town which flanks the seashore boulevard. Colonial buildings, some which trace back to the 18th century, line along a grid of straight clean streets and house the French institutions, private homes and businesses, and the sprawling premises of the famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Places to be visited:

Sri Aurobindo Ashram: The Sri Aurobindo Ashram located on rue de la Marine, is one of the most well known and wealthiest ashrams in India, with devotees from India and all over the world flocking to it for spiritual salvation. Its spiritual tenets represent a synthesis of yoga and modern science. It is open to the public daily between 08-1200 hrs and 1400-1800 hrs. Children below 3 years of age are not allowed into the ashram and photography is allowed only with permission of the ashram authorities.

Auroville: Auroville - or the ‘City of Dawn ’ - was conceived as a place of research into the ideal of human unity by the Mother, the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo. The idea is to build a futuristic city where people of goodwill can live together in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. Auroville came into existence in 1968. Its Charter says, “To live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness”, and describes it as “belonging to nobody in particular, but to humanity as a whole”; as a place “of constant progress”; and as “a bridge between the past and the future. Located around 8 kms north-west of Puducherry, Auroville was designed by the French architect Roger Anger. Around 2,000 people live there in settlements with names like Grace, Fraternity, Fertile, Certitude and Transformation. Nearly two-thirds of the residents are non-Indians.


Promenade Beach: The 1.5 km long promenade running along the beach is the pride of puducherry. There one can relax or take a stroll at any time of the day. On the sea front are several land marks. The War memorial cold and dispassionate throbbing the memory of last dreams, the statue of Joan of Arc blazing an inspiration, the heritage town hall, the statue of Mahatma Gandhi standing tall, Dupleix statue, old light house, the remains of the old pier, the old customs house, speak the splendor of the by gone era. The well furnished tourist information centre is situated in esthetically heritage building facing the sea to cater to the need of visiting tourists.

Paradise Beach : Located 8 kms. from the town, along the Cuddalore Main Road this beach can be accessed from the Chunnambar Resort. Flanked by a quiet flowing creek on one side, the beach can only be accessed by boat.

Serenity beach : This beach is a ten minutes drive to the north of the town. This virgin beach, with its serene surroundings is an ideal place to laze away your day.

Auroville Beach : The Auroville Beach as the name indicates is close to Auroville. It is right off the ECR, opposite the road leading to Auroville. Located around 12 kms from the main puducherry town, its shallow waters and small waves make it an ideal place of swimming. It is a fairly popular destination on weekends. On weekdays it is relatively less crowded.


Manakula Vinayagar temple: This temple is more than 300 years old and is dedicated to Ganesha. It has a golden spire and walls portraying forty different forms of Ganesha. The temple also has a smaller shrine dedicated to Lord Murugan, who is Ganesha’s younger brother. Over 5000 devotees flock to this site everyday. The temple compound also plays host to ‘Lakshmi’, the temple elephant, who uses her trunk to dispense blessings and to collect coins from the devotees.

Varadaraja Perumal Temple: Located on M.G.Road, this is believed to be the oldest temple in town, dating back to 600 AD. The temple built in the typical Dravidian style, complete with brightly coloured ‘gopuram’ and sculpted pillars, is probably the oldest standing structure in puducherry. This temple is dedicated to Vishnu. Legend has it, that the temple was originally built for the idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman, which were brought to the present site by fishermen, from the sea. The main deity here is Venkatachalapathy (Vishnu). Right behind that is a separate shrine for Narashima (who is also an avatar of Vishnu).

Sri Gokilambal Thirukameshwara Temple: This is located in a small town called ‘Villianur’, 11 kms. from puducherry. The main shrine housing the ‘Shivlinga’ and the shrines dedicated to the Devi and Murugan date back to the 12th century Chola period. This temple has a little bit of French heritage attached to it, though not in its architecture, but in some of its traditions. The annual Temple Car Festival which is held in the months of May and June, involves the pulling of a 15 metre tall chariot through the streets by a large crowd of devotees.


Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: Located on Subbayah Salai, this white and brown neo-gothic church is one of Pondy’s finest Catholic churches. It was built by French missionaries in the 1700’s in a contrasting Neo-Gothic manner, with towers flanking a central gable and stained glass windows on the side. The church has an imposing entrance and the beautiful stained glass panels depict incidents from Jesus Christ’s life. Further along the southern boulevard is the cemetery which has some interesting tombs with ornate marble decorations. Church of the Capuchins

Located on rue Dumas, this is one of the first churches to be built in puducherry. Even though it was one of the very few buildings that partially survived the destruction of the town in 1761, it is a mere shadow of its past glory, except for its rather interesting gable. Today, it houses an orphanage.

Notre Dame de’ Located on Mission Street, this cathedral, which bears a strong resemblance to a church in France, was built in 1791 in the place of a former church. The imposing façade presents paired Doric columns below and ionic above. In front of the church is a statue of Our Lady with the infant Jesus in her arms. The interior design consists of eight barrel vaults and a central dome pierced with eight circular openings.

Church of Our Lady of Good Health The church is located at Ariyankuppam, a tiny village 4 km south of puducherry. The church makes for an interesting cycling expedition off the beaten track. The church founded in 1690 was subsequently rebuilt several times. The interior has rounded arches carrying a vault over the central aisle. A freestanding Crucifix is displayed upon the altar and brightly painted wooden images are set on shelves in the side walls.

Besides these imposing structures there are various smaller churches and shrines in puducherry which have their devout followers, like The Church of Francis Assist, which was built in 1843, the shrine of St. Anthony in the French Quarter, The Saint John Church and the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Keezhoor: There is a huge banyan tree near the village here. The canopy of the 400 year old tree covers a few acres at the very least. Kizhoor a border village is situated at a distance of nearly 28 kms from puducherry. It is a historic place in the sense that it is here only in the year 1954. Voting took place for the merger of puducherry with the Indian Union. As part of the celebrations of 50th Anniversary of De-facto puducherry, a permanent Exhibition of paintings relating to the merger of puducherry was opened at the Kizhoor Monument.

Chunnambar Backwater: Chunnambar is situated 8 kms from puducherry, along the Cuddalore Main Road. This tropical paradise is flanked by a quiet-flowing creek on one side. You can sail downstream to the sands and pitch up a cozy seaside tent for yourself. Overnighting within the tree-houses on the backwater banks provides a relishing experience of the great outdoors. The beach at Chunnambar also known as Plage Paradiso, is located near the mouth of the backwater. The sand is pristine and the water, clean. It's and ideal place for sun bathing and beach sports.

Travel tips
Best season to visit Pondicherry is between October and March to enjoy the cooler weather. The average temperatures are 26 deg Centigrade during the day and comes down to around 10 during the nights. The best time to be in the city is during the festival of Dussehra, which comes around late September or early October. Many people hire cars from Bangalore to Pondicherry to be a part of the 10-day celebrations. Here are some handy tips for your Pondicherry trip.Pondicherry has relatively pleasant weather throughout the year, the temperatures in summer can go as high as 35 degrees or above. Make sure to carry enough water with you while sightseeing in and around Pondicherry. If you are travelling to Pondicherry during the festive season of Dussehra, make sure to book your cab well in advance because of the high demand in car rentals from Bangalore to Pondicherry.Getting a car hire from Bangalore to Pondicherry can get very tedious, if not scheduled properly. Bookcab offers special packages from Bangalore to Pondicherry and back. It offers interesting discounts on every trip to this historical city.During Dussehra, the whole city will be under the festive mood. You can see the Pondicherry palace being lit up, a breathtaking sight. You can visit temples during this festival for special pujas and darshans. There is a magnificent procession of the Chamundeshwari idol, which takes place with full pomp and glory.
  • Take extra care of your belongings
  • Remember to dress appropriately
  • No hard drinks
  • No Non-vegetarian food
  • Carrying mobile phones and cameras is not allowed inside the temple
  • Wearing flowers is not allowed as it is only for the Lord
Pondicherry is hot and humid throughout the year. The best time for visiting the place is from October to March.
       • Summers (March to July) have a maximum mercury level of 41°C.
       • Winters (December to February) are somewhat pleasant with minimum just touching 17°C.
       • Monsoons (July-end to September) offers good amount of rainfall in Pondicherry. The place also receives rainfalls in the month between November and          January.
From October to November the evenings are cool and this period is ideal for all types of tourist activities. The weather becomes pleasant between December and February which makes it perfect for sightseeing and other tourist activities, while water sports can be best enjoyed during October to May.
Important religious festival is Pongal during 13th January to 16Th January. Other attractive festivals are International Yoga Festival in January in which thousands of Yogies and Yoginees attend to deliberate on Yoga matters and Fete De Pondicherry, a cultural pageant conducted in August.

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