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What kind of cab bookings do you handle?
We handle a wide range of bookings, for both outstation and local travel. Our offerings can be categorized into four main categories: Airport Taxi Bangalore:
For fixed packages to the airport from any point in Bangalore, choose our airport service
Hourly Packages:
If you are unsure of the total duration of your cab requirement, or require it for the entire day, then our hourly packages would be the optimum choice. You can choose between a 4 hours and 40kms. package or 8 hours and 80kms. package.
If you are looking to hire a cab for longdistance, for one or more days, there are multiple option you can choose from, including a wide range of car models.

How do I cancel a cab? What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation can be done anytime. No questions asked! We do request you though to inform us as early as possible, so that we can update our drivers.Service Charges Applcable.

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How do you ensure cab and driver quality?
All vehicles listed on the website do pass the vehicle eligibility checks and we have been assured the cars are well maintained.

We also collate feedback from customers and use them to categorize the cars and drivers or even blacklist them. Customer comfort is a priority for us and we will add additional steps in the future to maintain our service quality.

If there are any issues, please give us a call on 9341 01 9341 and we will sort it out immediately.

What is Driver BA/TA? Why do I need to pay this?
The current industry norm is to pay allowance (BA/TA) to drivers in addition to the rental charges. The industry being fragmented, each vendor has their own approach to charging this. We have streamlined the process and eventually hope to remove this charge completly to reduce complications. Our current billing process has two kinds of BA/TA charges:

Day BA/TA: Applicable for all days when the trip is in progress (irrespective of usage).

Night allowance : if the driver drives between 10PM and 6AM. This would be an additional charge on top of the Day BA/TA.

The charges are not applicable for airport travel.

Why should I book a cab through Neel Travel Solutions?

Best pricing: We have Well maintained Vehicles and drivers the best pricing. pricing more competitive which translates to lower prices for you!

Pricing Transperancy:  We ensure complete transperancy in our pricing and estimates. No surprises after you finish your trip.

Service Reliability:  We are very particular in choosing our drivers and make sure they follow our guidelines. In addition, our 24X7 helpdesk is always ready to help you out in case of issues. Beat that!

Quick and Easy payment options:  Credit Cards, Debit Cards or just plain Cash. You have all the options!

*We will confirm all bookings by phone

What are the payment methods available?
The most popular form of payment currently is cash and we support it wholeheartedly. We provide you an initial estimate your travel cost and collect a 20% advance deposit amount to confirm your booking. There are two options to pay the advance deposit amount.
a. If you book through our website, you can pay online using credit card/debit card/ net banking options.
b. If you book through the phone, you can pay in cash using Cash on Delivery option. In case you need to pay online, we do have     options but we will be charging you 3% extra for online payments.

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